Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Find The Two Hidden Missions

If you are like us, surely you have set out to find and complete all the stories of Ghost of Tsushima, which is the name given to the side missions in the samurai fantasy of Sucker Punch for PS4.

In addition to rewarding us with an increase in legend, resources, and sometimes a cosmetic item, stories often tell quite interesting stories about our comrades-in-arms and the people of Tsushima, so it’s worth completing them if you’re interested in the story.

Also, if we complete all Ghost of Tsushima side quests we will get the Blade of the Defenseless trophy (gold). Now, after closing the story and cleaning the icon map, you may have found that the trophy does not jump. What is this about?

As a general rule, for a story to become active, it is enough to speak to all the people we see in camps, villages, and temples with a sandwich on their heads; In doing so, they will tell us that someone has a problem and the story will appear both on the map and in the Tsushima stories tab in the diary.

Others, such as the stories associated with our companions, are automatic and will appear as we complete them.

Ghost Of Tsushima
Ghost Of Tsushima

There are also some stories that only appear after releasing a location. In our experience, there are only two of this type and both are in Izuhara (the first area of ​​the map), so if you are missing any, try to free some farm.

But let’s go to what interests us: the hidden tales of Ghost of Tsushima. Although they are not hidden as such, we have decided to call them that because they do not meet the same requirements as the rest and are easy to miss. In this guide, we are going to tell you where and how to find them.

The first thing you should know their names: A debt paid and The price of fear. If you access Tsushima’s stories and you are missing one (or both), you already know who is to blame.

And now, its location: A debt paid is located north of the Yarikawa Fortress, in Toyota (the second zone). When you are in the area, you will find a bandit lying on the ground and surrounded by bodies that will facilitate the mission.

As for the quest The Price of Fear, you will find it southeast of the Jogaku Temple, in Kamiagata (the third zone). Explore the forests and you will soon find a dying man who will ask you to help his family.

These are the two hidden stories from Ghost of Tsushima, which you will only find passing near the place where they are activated.

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