Ghost Of Tsushima: The Change To Not Offend Japanese

Ghost of Tsushima has become a worldwide success, particularly in Japan. Sucker Punch has achieved a perfect fantasy of becoming a samurai, in the war against the Mongols at the end of the 13th century. And yet, a concern of the entire team – and part of the community – was that as it was a western game it did not correctly reflect Japanese culture.

Game’s director, Nate Fox, stated “we understood that we could not be culturally prepared to provide an authentic feeling of Japan within the game. That is why from the beginning we had experts in religion, in history, in geography, who helped us build the world of a correct way. ”

Ghost Of Tsushima: The Change To Not Offend Japanese
Ghost Of Tsushima: The Change To Not Offend Japanese

Director Ghost of Tsushima recognizes the pressure that a Western study make a game set in Japan “wanted to be respectful of how things were, and make a game that if I saw someone who was born in Japan during this period it felt like home ”

They had to make a change to the game. Jin Sakai, Shimura, Mrs. Masako “at the beginning of development had the names of real characters, but then they explained to us that using the clans that had existed could be considered disrespectful and at that moment we decided to change them to fictitious names”.

With the change, the Japanese market has embraced the game, which has achieved a perfect score in the prestigious Famitsu magazine. This is the third western game to achieve this score in the magazine’s 34-year history.

In the statements of  Toshihiro Nagoshi, CEO of Sega and the games in the Yakuza saga, who praised the title of Sucker Punch in an interview (via Hachima ). “To be honest, we (Japan) have been beaten,” he commented with a smile due to Ghost of Tsushima’s success in the domestic market. Yes, of course, we’re losing.  Honestly, I think it’s a game that should be done in Japan. There is a notion that Westerners don’t understand things about Japan, but that hypothesis in itself is wrong. ”

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