Ghost Of Tsushima: The New Update Is Now Available

The ghost of Tsushima is updated with a new patch. Version 1.06 brings us various changes or improvements such as bug fixes, greater accessibility options, or additions to one of the clothes.

Ghost of Tsushima has become one of the releases of the summer and it is no wonder. The Sucker Punch title has proven to be of great quality and has allowed us to discover a beautifully rendered open world.

The adventure developed by Sucker Punch in which we play Jin Sakai presents an interesting story on a map full of things to do. Despite its arrival, the studio continues to refine some details and has released a new patch. Ghost of Tsushima can now be updated to version 1.06. This update brings us minor corrections of some bugs such as:

Ghost Of Tsushima: The New Update Is Now Available
Ghost Of Tsushima: The New Update Is Now Available
  • Fixed a bug where users could encounter a black screen that prevented progress in certain stories
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to get stuck in some Yarikawa tales

In addition, this update also improves the usefulness of one of the most common outfits in the game: the Traveler’s Outfit. This piece of gear has been enhanced by adding new visual and audio cues that reveal nearby collectibles.

Regarding the accessibility options, Ghost of Tsushima adds with the patch the option in the large text to also include additional indications and objective text. Something that will help a lot for players who have vision problems.

Did you know that the weather in Ghost of Tsushima will be the same as the way you play: calm like Samurai, stormy like Ghost. This should be feasible to understand whatever occurs if thou overcome Khotun Khan toward the start of Ghost of Tsushima.

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